Discover the work spaces of the future

In a highly global and dynamic economy, organizations must reconsider their interrelation with work spaces.

To do this, office spaces must be converted into flexible and adapted services.

Work Space Barcelona facilitates the adoption of new management models for workspaces.


Identification of the best location in Barcelona

Our connection with real estate companies specializing in work spaces, allows us to propose location options tailored to each project

Integral design of spaces

We design the configuration of the necessary spaces and services

Comunity Building

We dynamize work spaces through our community builders who are responsible for making coexistence in the space more enjoyable as well as organizing events and activities

Additional Services

For specific needs or projects such as technological Helpdesk, reception with an specific language, search of services providers

Flexible and scalable growth

Our model guarantees optimal management of the growth of workspaces

Maximum profitability

No initial investment, just for a month fee
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